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Albany Commercial Inspections

All That You Need to Know

A commercial inspection is an unavoidable process when buying a commercial property. Remember, this kind of investment is can be costly. Thus, you need to get all the technical details right from the start. Furthermore, you want to ensure that the commercial property you are buying is worth it.


The fact that this is a crucial process means you need an inspector who has experience in such a niche field. Thanks to a wide range of experience in commercial inspections, Shield Guard Inspections delivers a detailed report that addresses every concern.


As you gear up to get a commercial building inspection done, it helps to keep in touch with some facts. Here is a look into all that you need to know about commercial inspections.

#1: What is a commercial inspection?

A commercial inspection involves evaluating a commercial property to provide key reports on building systems like structure, roofing, electrical, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC), and any other specified requirements. Commercial property refers to building or land whose mandate is to yield profit through rental income or capital gain.

Commercial inspections are normally done on the property such as:

✓  Medical centers

✓  Office buildings

✓  Warehouses

✓  Malls

✓  Hotels

✓  Cafes

✓  Farmland

✓  Retail stores

✓ Multifamily housing buildings

✓ Garages
✓ Strip malls
✓ Mixed-use buildings

✓ Factories
✓ Condominiums
✓ Sports facilities
✓ Storage facilities
✓ Convenience stores





A commercial inspection's overall objective is to provide asset managers with crucial information before getting into transaction negotiations. When purchasing a commercial property, knowledge and documentation are very important. Hence, the need for a commercial inspection.

#2: What is inspected?

Five Major Systems

A commercial inspection evaluates the five major systems in a building, namely:

➢ Plumbing

➢ Roofing
➢ Structural integrity

➢ Electrical

An asset manager needs to know the current state of these systems. How long can you wait before the specified system requires replacement? Does the installed electrical system or plumbing meet regulatory requirements? An audit by the commercial inspector provides clear answers to these and many other questions.

Building’s documentation


The property in question is associated with several documents. Failing to look at these documents may result in unwanted technicalities later on. Therefore, during the inspection process, all these documents are evaluated. They include:

➢ Building plans
➢ Evacuation plans
➢ Construction permits
➢ Environmental studies
➢ Floor plans
➢ Surveys
➢ Maintenance records
➢ Fire safety system records

Evaluating these documents gives a true picture of the cost of owning the building. Also, they determine if it is worth it.

The exterior of a building is not limited to just its walls. Instead, it comprises of parking lots, landscaping, and all exterior structures associated with that building. 

Building’s exterior

The exterior of a building is not limited to just its walls. Instead, it comprises of parking lots, landscaping, and all exterior structures associated with that building. The state of the building’s


Building’s interior

The essence of this part of the commercial inspection is to determine whether the interior spacing is in line with local building codes. Furthermore, it advises whether or not all safety-related risks are handled. The commercial inspector evaluates the building’s bathrooms, walls, offices, floors, and kitchen spaces. The evaluation can advise whether there is anything in the building that does not follow local regulation.

#3: Who should I contact for commercial inspection located near Albany NY?

Contact Shield Guard Home Inspections to get a commercial inspection done. With more than ten years of inspection experience, you are assured of working with an inspector who has seen it all.

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