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Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiator Heat

Forced Air Furnace vs Radiator Heat

Saratoga is a beautiful place to live, but when it comes to the weather, anyone around here would admit that chilly nights can lead to a high thermostat. And, when it's time to heat your home each season, it's important to make sure you're doing it efficiently. Here's a comparison between a forced air furnace and radiator heat so you can choose the right one.

Forced Air Heating

The ability to heat up a house relatively quickly is one of the biggest upsides of using forced air heating. You can also control air flow in each given room by closing or opening vents. Forced air systems also take up less space than radiators, and aren't as big visually either. With the ability to dial in the temperature, you also have a good handle on how hot things get, too.

The cons of forced air heating can't be overlooked, though. The air can be dry and may irritate skin. The vent systems are also able to collect dust and allergens, so vents and filters need to be cleaned regularly. Finally, regular furnace service is a must to keep things in proper working order. Certain systems may even be a little noisy under normal operation. Finally, when vents are open and the system is off, they can cause drafts and the loss of warm air.

Radiator Heating Systems

Since radiator heating doesn't remove moisture, the air from radiator heating will be more humid and more comfortable overall. With in-room placement, you can also control exactly which rooms are being heated and which aren't by only turning on the radiators you wish to use. Of course, with in-room placement, radiators can be very visual, but covers can make them more stylish or less noticeable.

When it comes to maintenance, replacing individual components of a radiator is generally easier than when dealing with a furnace. Radiators are also quieter overall. Some even enjoy the vintage aesthetic of a radiator, but they can be large and take up too much space in the room. Radiator covers can also decrease efficiency. Meanwhile, the elements of a radiator can be tough to clean out. Radiators can also lose a lot of heat without proper maintenance, and clanking or bumping sounds may be heard in some cases.

Understanding Your Options

Are you considering adding a radiator or furnace to your home? Do you already have one that you're considering replacing? Understanding all of your options when it comes to heating your home is important to ensuring you can do it efficiently. While these two heating methods are very common, especially around Saratoga, you have plenty of choices when it comes to heating your home.

Gas, electric, and even wood heat are all viable options when it comes to keeping your house comfortable -- you just have to decide what fits your needs when it comes to space, style, and cost. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our experts for advice.

The Author Adam Clark is the owner and operator of Shield Guard Home Inspections. Adam Clark is a local Home Inspector located in Saratoga NY that has performed over 6000 Inspections

Phone: (518) 720-7152


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