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My name is Adam Clark.  I have been inspecting properties and structures for over 9 years. With over 8,500 inspections, you can rest assured you are hiring a home inspector that has seen it all. My goal is to advise my clients throughout the home inspection and within my thorough home inspection reports, giving you an accurate and honest overall review of the property’s condition. I also work to clarify concerning issues and follow-up with answers to your questions. I maintain a strong, reliable reputation that is reflected in my online reviews


Remember: A home with a 50 small defects may be a better fit for you when compared to a home with 1 major defect. Ultimately, the home inspection and report are only two aspects when determining if a home is a good fit for you. The third aspect is COMMUNICATION. A home inspector that provides a home inspection and report without suggesting a future phone call is not providing a clear picture. Shield Guard Building Inspection Services encourages a follow-up phone call to discuss findings as needed. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Adam Clark

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