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The Home Inspection

Shield Guard Building Inspection Services takes pride in providing the most thorough home inspections. 

Our reports are detailed and include picture(s) for the majority of defects we find.  We take the time and patience to explain the issues at hand. A report if not clarified may be overwhelming. You as a home owner should know the costly defects that should be corrected prior to the home purchase, what should be done sooner or later and the defects that may need to just be monitored. All defects in a home inspection report are different. Thats why we understand  the importance of an on site conversation and or a follow up phone call AFTER the home inspection report is released.

Below are just a few of the many items included on your home inspection.

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Heating Systems


What does the home inspector look for during the roof inspection ?

  • the roof covering and identify the materials

  • drip edge, valleys and penetrations

  • the skylights, flashing

  • the roof penetrations, plumbing vents, chimney exterior , exhaust, skylights

  • the general structure of the roof, framing, connection points etc


What does a Home inspection of the foundation and basement consist of?

  •  the structures interior and exterior walls

  •  structural components that are visible; Including load bearing walls, supports, framing members

  •  and report present grading issues, water intrusion and explore for; 

  •  for contact with sheathing  near soil reporting condition of wood components in contact

  •  and report of structural movement, shifting, bowing, settling , visible to the home inspector, including, but not limited to: window, window lintel settling, door settling by identifying sagging and or sheet cracks in sheet rock plaster, foundation walls including but not limited to block, poured concrete, slate, rock, brick, wood pier foundation etc

  • report on excessive notching of any wooden components and report on current potential defects and or possible future defects.

What does a Home Inspection of the Structural components of the home consist of?

  • Inspect the overall structure as a whole looking at architectual lines, settling and or shifting within the interior or exterior of the structure.

What does a Home Inspection of the Electrical system consist of?

  • Main service line as it relates to connecting to drip loop

  • breaker type

  • report on open slots, rust and overall condition of the panel

  • electrical outlets, gfi, fixtures 

  • report on non traditional methods as it relates to potential defects and or issues

  • test a representative number of outlets, gfis, lights etc

  • Inspector the main service wire and or possible water intrusion due to deterioration.

What does a Home Inspection of the Heating System consist of?

  •  operate and observe the heating system, identify heating system type and fuel source

  •  and report any readily identifiable defects and or maintenance concerns

  • Inspect the system checking the additional supplemented components such as vents and or radiators

What does a Home Inspection of the Cooling System consist of?

  •  operate (If conditions allow) the cooling system and determine if the cooling unit is operating as designed

  •  report on any defects that may be needed

  •  Inspect accessible components and observe, report and document

What does a Home Inspection of the Plumbing System consist of?

  • inspect main water source

  • Inspect the main shut off valve;

  • Inspect the water heater system as a whole and including the inspecting of the flue discharge pipe, gas line, presence of a downspout, drip leg, check for leaks and or damage etc

  • water-test showers, sinks, tubs, slop sinks, washers (if conditions allow) etc for drainage;

  • inspect the general drainage, waste stack and other drainage components

  • inspect sump pumps and pit;

What does a Home Inspection of the exterior consist of?

  • inspect and report on the condition of the siding, trim , flashing, penetrations 

  • all exterior fasica, steps, soffits, railings, decks, porch, balcony, guards, hand rails, footings for decks and or structure, post, cross framing members, visible lags and flashing, columns , framing members etc

  • Windows, window plate, trim, lintels

  •  grading, drainage and vegetation as it relates to the structure


What does a Home inspection of Doors, Windows and Interior & Misc components consist of?

  • inspect interior coverings, steps,railings, floors, windows, countertops, cabinets, closets, landings, noting safety concerns and or defects

  • inspect attached/deteached garages and or additional structures including: doors, reverse sensors, electrical and plumbing components of additional structure, interior coverings, structural components , interior covering from the floor to ceiling

Basement Foundation Crawlspace
Structural Componets
Electrical Systems
Coolig Systems
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