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One Stop Shop Services Including: Indoor Air Quality Testing for Mold & VOC, Sewer Scopes, Septic, Well, Radon, Pools, Level 2 Chimney, Mold, Radon and More!

Shield Guard Building Inspection Services

Capital Districts Premier Home Inspection Company

Shield Guard Building Inspection Services is a locally owned and family operated Home Inspection Business located in Saratoga New York. We are a thorough Home Inspection Service that you can rely on.


At Shield Guard Building Inspection Services, we provide a trusted service to help you feel secure prior to purchasing a home. Shield Guard Building Inspection Services provides confidence, giving you the information required to make a good decision. By discovering issues that may not be apparent, and giving you a clear understanding of a home’s condition, we’ll take the stress and uncertainty out of home buying. Shield Guard Building Inspection Services provides you with an in-depth, detailed, and easy-to-understand Inspector’s Report that is informed by over 10+ years of expertise from conducting actual Inspections -- not just "industry experience”.  As a family owned and operated home inspection business, we at Shield Guard understand that, like every home, every buyer has varying experience and knowledge of home repair and maintenance. We take pride in being able to communicate with everyone clearly, be it a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor.


Shield Guard Building Inspections promises an informative and accurate home inspection report for your peace of mind.

Experienced - Trusted - Quality

The Highest Rated & Most Experienced Home Inspection Company in the Capital Region with over 8500+ Inspections performed & 137 - 5 Star Online Reviews.


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Saratoga Shield Guard Home Inspections LLC

NYS Home Inspectors License #16000091657

NYS Mold Assessor License


Home Inspections

Our home inspections exceed industry standards. Hire a Home Inspections  company that puts YOUR best interests first.

Radon Testing

Radon is a carcinogen in the form of a colorless, odorless gas that is naturally occurring in soil. All homes that contain a basement should be tested for Radon.

Pre Listing Inspections

Do you plan on listing your home for sale? A home inspection can make you aware of issues BEFORE you are under contract. Handling deal-breaking issues with your home prior to a buyer’s home inspection means you won’t have to correct unexpected problems under pressure.

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Level 2 Interior Chimney Inspections/Chimney Sweep

Pest Inspection


Sewer Scope Inspection


Pools Inspection

Water Flow Test

Bacteria Testing


Why Choose Shield Guard Building Inspection Services

Our Experience

My name is Adam Clark and I am the Owner & Operator of Shield Guard Building Inspection Services. I am a dedicated home inspector that brings 8500 completed Inspections and over 10 years of actual inspection experience to my home inspections. For nearly a decade, I was the Building Inspector (Code Enforcement officer) for the City of Albany. During that time, I overlooked thousands of projects and all permitted work while working with engineers, designers, plumbers, electricians, and virtually side-by-side with every trade. I have also inspected over 8,500 residential, industrial, and commercial buildings accompanied with conducting arbitration hearings for civil cases. I have also inspected thousands of single family homes, commercial buildings, conversions between the usage of structures, apartment buildings, industrial facilities, historic buildings, and new construction. If you are looking for an experienced home inspector in the Saratoga NY area, give us a call today. 

Adam Clark, Home Inspector.

Meet Our Team of Inspectors!


Mold Assessments

Shield Guard Building Inspections can provide a detailed mold assessment through Albany Mold LLC. New York State requires a licensed mold assessor to provide a mold assessment prior to a mold remediation. The mold assessment is then provided to the licensed mold remediation company of your choice.  The mold remediation company will provide an estimate and work plan based on our mold assessment. After the mold remediation company has remediated the mold and ONLY if the mold remediation was completed in accordance with our mold assessment will we issue a mold clearance. If the mold remediation process was not carried out in accordance to our mold assessment, we will not issue a mold clearance.


Over 8500 Inspections

With over 8,500 inspections, you can rest assured that we have the experience to catch the most minute and the most costly issues.


Or less Turn Around On Reports

We know you are anxious to move forward. Reports are delivered within 24 hours.


Reasonably Priced

Similar companies with 10 years of inspection experience charge 20% more and the inspector who performs the home inspection is usually an employee of the company. The owner of Shield Guard Building Inspection Services inspects EVERY structure personally.

As an Inspector I have performed thousands of home inspections throughout the Capital Region. 

Please call us with any questions.


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We Inspect all Components of The Home

Saratoga Home Inspectors

Water Heater

Saratoga Home Inspections

Heating & Cooling

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Residential Home Inspections Saratoga NY

Site & Drainage

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Electrical System

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Plumbing System

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Residential Home Inspectors Saratoga NY

Walls, Flooring & Ceiling

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Decks & Porches

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Saratoga Inspectors Home Inspections Mold Assessors

Doors & More

Local Home Inspectors

A Proud Member of The New York State Building Officials Capital District Chapter Since 2011.

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Local Home Inspectors

New York State Code Enforcement Experience

Former Building Inspector for ALBANY NY

Albany NY Home Inspector
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